Match Timings & Fees

Match timings and match fees vary with different age groups and leagues. Below is a list of each variant for the North West Leagues.

Match Timings

Age GroupMatch Lengths
Under 12s20 Minutes Each Half
Under 13s – 14s25 Minutes Each Half
Under 15s – 16s30 Minutes Each Half
Under 17s – 18s35 Minutes Each Half
Uni/College RL &
Open Age
40 Minutes Each Half
Age GroupMatch Lengths
Under 12s – 13s20 Minutes Each Half
Under 14s – 15s25 Minutes Each Half
Under 16s – 18s30 Minutes Each Half
Open Age40 Minutes Each Half

Match Fees & Expenses

North West Counties
Community Games
Age GroupMatch Fee
Under 7s – 11s£10.00
Under 12s£15.00
Under 13s – 18s£25.00
School Games
Fixture TypeMatch Fee
Champion Schools£25.00
St Helens Cup£10.00
Friendly Matches£10.00

Match fees for junior matches are one set rate for each age group. 

Community Games
MillageMatch Fee
00 – 30 Miles£28.00
31 – 60 Miles£30.00
61-80 Miles
81-100 Miles
101-120 Miles£41.00
TJ Fee*£14.00

Additional mileage above 120 miles is to be claimed through the RFL. 

Other Information

  • Professional games are claimed through the RFL.
  • Officials are expected to travel together whenever possible.
  • *Touch Judges appointed via the Society are paid an optional donation from each club of £5.00 – £14.00 is only paid if the TJs are appointed by the league or the clubs which to pay the full amount.

Page last updated: 06/08/2019