Phil Thomas

I’ve been a member of the St. Helens society twice, the first between 1986 & 1992. I was a child leaving school and there weren’t many young referees in them days, the society took me under their wing and taught me everything about RL officiating. The society is fantastic!

In my 1st term, they helped me through my exams! Tough in them days! They assessed me regularly and helped me progress through good training. I then traveled and had kids over the next decade or two but always knew I wanted to come back in the middle. What helped me and impressed me the most during my 2nd term was last year when I lost my father in law. I’m not as dependent on the Society as I once was but I was low. I had a call from the Society just to ask if I was ok. This was massive to me and helped me no end with my grief. What I’m trying to say is this Society is there for help, guidance and support in the game but its there for you on a personal level as well.